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Growth Services

Successful price management is critical for distributors and manufacturers across all stages of their growth cycles. We partner with management teams interested in leveraging our niche pricing expertise along the way, to help them drive financial results as well as avoid/alleviate pricing headaches as they lead their businesses through appropriate growth trajectories. Project experience/typical areas of focus:

  • Review business strategies behind the expansion, as well as existing systems and price structures.

  • Design applicable pricing strategies and methodologies, which support business objectives and can realistically be operationalized using existing systems.

  • Collect available pricing data, product/service cost information, competitive market intelligence, and quantify (dollarize) value of differentiated features/ services.

  • Perform analytics to generate price files for upload into ERP systems, by formulating prices that meet business the objectives associated with the new product line/new market expansion initiative.
  • Review existing systems and price structures of both entities involved in the business combination.

  • Develop formal price integration strategy and project plan for migrating accounts to a single, unified pricing platform, while minimizing market disruption from unnecessary price changes.

  • Perform analytics to generate price files for upload into ERP systems, by formulating prices that meet the business objectives associated with the merger/acquisition.

  • Review existing price structures and market feedback to current pricing practices.

  • Ensure price structures evolve as growth creates additional complexity. Improve upon market-alignment and granularity of segmentation schemes (price levels/price schedules, etc.). Keep general pricing architectures intact, so as to minimize disruption to markets and ensure relative ease of implementation using existing systems.

  • Perform analytics to generate price files for upload into ERP systems, by refining/updating prices based on analysis of market/volume response to existing price points.

  • NOTE: Scheduled, periodic (annual or quarterly) price change events may provide an appropriate window of opportunity for price matrix structure refinements.
  • Review existing IT infrastructure/capabilities, to recommend software technology approach (Excel/Access, Business Intelligence or other data visualization software packages, off-the-shelf specialized pricing software tools).

  • Identify and develop applicable Key Performance Indicators, and best practice pricing analytics dashboard/tools. Examples include enabling measurement of margin impact of changes in price/cost/volume/mix, “stick rates” associated with historical pricing actions, and dashboards enabling “price banding” analyses to identify segment-specific price outliers.

  • Lead efforts to implement and operationalize the analytics solution.

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