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Firm Overview

The Innovative Pricing Group delivers high-ROI statistical price optimizationvalue-based pricing, and strategic price management solutions to B2B business organizations in the distribution and manufacturing industries. We bring the following credentials to the table in helping organizations capitalize from improving their pricing practices:


It takes an integrated approach to enable a business to maintain and effectively execute optimized prices that support business strategies and reflect robust market/value-based pricing approaches. As a full-service consultancy, we help our clients develop this capability by driving improvement in pricing strategy/innovation, statistical optimization, and value-based pricing 


Our management team has extensive experience with modern, sophisticated pricing best practices used by Fortune 500 companies, which we gained from our work in both industry and consulting settings. Through our experience with pricing in the distribution and manufacturing sectors, we developed a set of powerful, proprietary pricing frameworks.

Billing arrangements vary by project, and they often involve innovative fee structures that reduce the need for upfront investment before the ROI is proven in practice. Due to declining statistical computing power costs and our scalable, low-overhead delivery model, our sophisticated solutions are affordable to businesses of various sizes. 
Our management has an outstanding track record of leading distribution and manufacturing organizations to pricing excellence. Thanks to our full-service approach that covers both analytics as well as hands-on execution/change management support, we can partner with your organization in driving your pricing initiative to success.

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